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As a father, a friend, and martial brother Ryan Craig shines a light BRIGHT and PURE.  In many ways this testimonial is biased because of my adoration of him.

I met Sifu Craig in the late 90s.  And many years later we've graduated both scholars and warriors of the martial code, and currently now on the path of teaching Chen Taijiquan.

Sifu Craig encompasses a patient nature.  His understanding and command of the physical and spiritual order is second to none.  His martial aptitude is far superior to people who senior him in both time and rank.  Ryan - in simplest terms is a great master!  Anyone who has toed up with him usually learns this incredibly quick....(laughs)

Ryan has been a great mentor to me and I recommend his tutelage highly to anyone who wishes to understand more about his knowledge and understanding of martial arts.   He is my closest martial brother and I am sincerely honored to call him a friend.

Sifu John Seipel of  NJ Chen Taiji



I have had the opportunity to study martial arts with many teachers in many styles. I can say with confidence that Ryan Craig is one of the best in Philadelphia. His dedication to the practice of Taiji is grounded in his personal discipline and daily practice, as well as his thirst for constant improvement. This is directly reflected in his clear and skillful teaching style. I have personally recommended him to both the novice and seasoned martial artist. Studying with Ryan is a unique experience. His knowledge  makes him a master, his approach makes him a friend. If you are at all interested in studying Taiji then Ryan is the teacher for you.

Richard J Hartman D.O.



If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, and want to learn true Tai Chi and get the most benefit you can from it, then go to Ryan Craig.  Having gotten to know a fair amount about the Tai Chi "scene" in the area over the last 6 years or so, I can say with no hesitation that Ryan is the best teacher in the Philadelphia area.  He has an outstanding training lineage with some of the best Tai Chi teachers in the Chen family, and he is committed to passing this along to his students.  He's interested in getting to know what each student's goals are, and helping them and encouraging along their particular path, while staying true to the principles of authentic Chen family Tai Chi.  He's an outstanding practitioner and has a gift for clearly explaining and teaching what he knows.  Plus, he makes class challenging but fun. Since I started taking his classes, my Tai Chi knowledge and skill has increased a great deal.  After working with Ryan for the past 2 years, I've gotten quite a bit stronger and calmer, with better health, reduced stress, and greater martial ability.  As a doctor and professor with a demanding career and family life, I can't say enough about how helpful it has been to learn from Ryan.  The Tai Chi that I have learned from him has improved ever aspect of my life.  Do yourself a favor and seek him out!

Ted Brodkin M.D.

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